Daycare violations that should give parents cause for concern

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Child Protective Services

Parents often wish they could watch their offspring 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, constantly being at home with little ones is often impossible. They must put their tykes in the hands of professionals.

Not every childcare organization is reputable. Some daycares are guilty of transgressions. Their folly endangers the health and wellbeing of innocent souls.

Avoiding background checks

Even if the owner has honorable intentions, others within the organization might not. Shockingly, many states do not mandate background checks on daycare employees. Mothers and fathers are wise to request criminal records from official monitoring agencies.

Lacking safety knowledge

Every childcare center should enforce play rules that prevent injuries. Beyond that, teachers must have training on the correct procedures after accidents occur. Under such circumstances, seconds matter. Guardians reserve the right to ask which staff members have first aid and CPR training.

Mishandling toxic substances

Bleach and other liquids are necessary to keep nurseries sparkling. While perfect for wiping down tables and windows, ingesting them can be fatal. Little ones cannot resist their sweet smells. Cleaners must go in locked cabinets or high on shelves. The same is true of paints for adorning walls with colorful characters.

Neglecting emergency protocols

It is impossible to erase the possibility of disasters such as floods and fires. When they happen, the survival of all depends on preparation. Facilities need emergency exits that lack obstructions. Escape drills should be part of every childcare business.

Parents put a massive amount of trust in others when they enroll kids in playgroups. It behooves them to investigate the safety of the center where they leave their angels.