4 fun daycare activities

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Day Care Licenses

As a daycare provider, you have several tasks. Keep your class safe, educate and stimulate them, and provide supervision. With young children, in particular, you may find it challenging to keep the activities fresh, staving off boredom and helping to prevent some issues.

These four daycare activities may provide safe fun for classrooms, allowing professionals to provide the care and stimulation those under their supervision need and deserve based on their ages and developmental stages.

Shaving cream art

According to Care.com, shaving cream art offers a fun and safe daycare activity to let your class express their creativity. Mixing food coloring into shaving cream offers an introduction to color theory, and your class may use toothpicks, paintbrushes or even their fingers to experiment with shapes, designs and patterns.

Making ice cream in a bag

Making ice cream offers a great way to put some science and creativity into snack time. Using sugar, half and half, ice cubes and flavorings they choose, help your class create ice cream in sandwich bags. To avoid potential hazards, however, you should supervise young children during the creation and eating of their ice cream. Additionally, make you only allow flavorings that will not cause allergic reactions.

Paying the movement chain game

Sometimes little bodies have lots of energy they need to get out. The movement chain provides a fun way to get out the wiggles and practice memory. To start, one student performs a movement like jumping in place. The next student does the first movement, then adds one of their own, and on.

Creating an obstacle course

Obstacle courses also offer a fun active activity. Using everyday items such as toy buckets, cones or furniture, you may make the course as simple or as challenging as your class can handle.

As a daycare provider, you often have the expectation of providing care, fun and education while also maintaining a safe environment in which the children in your care do not suffer unnecessary injuries. Doing your best to meet these obligations, you may consider seeking legal guidance in the event you face licensure issues due to incidents occurring on your watch.