What rules must daycare license holders follow?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Day Care Licenses

When parents entrust someone with the care of their children, they find comfort in knowing that the state strictly regulates the standards for childcare providers.

Beyond the required training and background checks, daycare license holders must also follow specific rules to remain in compliance with state laws.

What are the qualifications for daycare workers?

The different positions in a licensed daycare have specific requirements:

  • Volunteers must work under the supervision of a teacher, assistant teacher, or director.
  • Teachers must be at least 18 years old, have 24 quarter credits in the field, 4,160 hours of experience, and a high school diploma.
  • Aides must be at least 16 years old and work under the teacher or assistant teacher’s supervision.
  • Assistant teachers must be 18 years old with 12 quarter credits, 2,080 hours of experience as an aide, and have a high school diploma.

Every family care center must also have a director that oversees the actions of all staff. Additionally, the license holder must provide orientation training for every staff member and have at least one member trained in CPR and first aid services.

What is the ratio for the number of children per provider?

Daycare license holders must meet the minimum staff to children ratios of one staff member to each of the following:

  • Every four infants, ages six weeks to 16 months
  • Every seven toddlers, ages 16 to 33 months
  • Every 10 school-age kids
  • Every four kids in a mixed age group

These are the basic requirements for a family care center, but Minnesota has seven classes of childcare centers, and each has its own requirements.