Can I work in healthcare with a suspended nursing license?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Professional License Revocation

Dealing with a suspended nursing license can be as devastating as it is frustrating. You spent years building a career only to find yourself unable to practice.

While it can be possible in some cases to get your license reinstated, the process is almost always a very long road. In the meant time, you likely need an alternative way to make ends meet.

Here’s what you should know about alternative jobs that could be an option while working on getting your license reinstated.

How can background checks affect your healthcare job?

Several healthcare jobs do not require a license, such as nursing assistant positions. While you have more skills than the job requires, these jobs often require a background check.

Depending on the reason for your license suspension or other disciplinary actions, the results of a background check could make you ineligible to work in an unlicensed healthcare role. Employers may be especially cautious about placing you in a position with a title that implies you are a nurse, even if you are not.

How can I use my experience when looking for another job?

While you may not be able to practice as a nurse, your experience and knowledge can still be beneficial in your next job. There are many jobs in the medical community that need the skills you bring to the table without working directly with patients.

As you look for a new way to apply your skillset, you can consider positions with a more administrative role instead of providing direct care. There may also be options to use your ability to think on your feet and triage a situation.

While you work through your suspension, it will be essential to keep moving forward. One of the characteristics the Board will look at when you make your application for reinstatement is your rehabilitation. The Board will want to know you can make progress after a setback without further indiscretions.