How should you ask your significant other for a prenup?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Prenuptial Agreements

Preparing to get married can surface a lot of emotions and introduce unique challenges into your relationship. Adding another concern to your laundry list of wedding responsibilities may seem both unnecessary and uncomfortable.

However, having a prenuptial agreement is one method to protect each other’s future and encourage responsibility and respect in your relationship. Understanding the right way to discuss your desire for a prenuptial agreement can facilitate a productive and positive conversation.

Be genuine and empathetic

Begin the conversation by expressing your concern for your partner’s well-being and long-term happiness. Take your time to explain your reasons for asking for a prenuptial and highlight the mutual benefits to your partner.

Listen intently when your partner interjects and expresses his or her opinion on the matter. Practice empathy in understanding an opinion different from your own. Lovingly help your partner see that a fairly negotiated prenuptial agreement can add sustainable trust and respect to your relationship.

Be flexible and patient

Your partner may suggest alternative solutions to some of your ideas in the prenuptial. suggests that you practice flexibility and show a willingness to compromise. Your eagerness to negotiate and find win-win solutions can encourage your partner to continue discussing and coordinating an agreement.

Begin discussions plenty of time in advance of your wedding to reduce the stress of talking about serious matters while trying to plan important wedding details. Once you talk about your idea with your partner, allow him or her enough time to think about an answer. Never demand or threaten compliance. Your patience can reduce tension and stress and show your partner that you genuinely care about both of your future.