Interrogation issues may have resulted in false statements

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When law enforcement officials charge someone with a serious offense or launch an investigation, this is often overwhelming for those facing charges. People may face harsh repercussions even though they are not guilty. Those facing charges may struggle to share their side of the story due to exaggerated details or misunderstandings regarding incidents. 

From time behind bars to significant financial penalties and a shattered reputation, many consequences arise for people who find themselves in this position. Furthermore, some have a hard time understanding their rights due to unfamiliarity with relevant laws. 

Alleged false pretenses

According to the Star Tribune, a Minneapolis woman came into police headquarters after a police investigator reportedly told her that she could retrieve her belongings. The woman, accused of involvement in a murder case, decided to go to the police station because she believed that law enforcement officials would return her laptop and phone, which authorities had previously confiscated. 

Potential civil rights violations

Video evidence from the woman’s questioning shows that she did not want to discuss the case with authorities, and she only wanted to retrieve her belongings. The interrogation may have violated her Fifth Amendment right, which protects people from self-incrimination, because police allegedly continued to pressure her for answers rather than respect her right to remain silent, and they did not give her the opportunity to have an attorney present. 

Reportedly, even though the woman said that she did not want to discuss the circumstances, she continued to answer questions from investigators. When the defendant retained legal representation, the attorney filed motions on her behalf to have the statements suppressed.