Have you been accused of a nursing license violation?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Professional License Revocation

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Going to nursing school is a major commitment. You’ve spent years of your life and thousands of dollars to complete your education, and expensive continuing education classes help you provide patients with the best possible care. Your nursing license and your career are worth a lot.

Unfortunately, a disgruntled patient, a mistake made by someone else or a minor oversight can put your license in jeopardy. If you end up subject to a disciplinary action – either in-house or before the Minnesota Board of Nursing – you potentially have a lot to lose.

What are the common causes of nursing licensing hearings?

There are many potential reasons why a nurse may be formally requested to appear before the Minnesota Board of Nursing. The most common grounds for disciplinary action are:

  • Failing to adhere to the best standards of care
  • Issues with drugs or alcohol
  • Criminal convictions, disciplinary actions or misrepresentation
  • Improper treatment or care of patients
  • Unprofessional or unethical behavior

What are the potential consequences of an alleged violation?

Consequences of an infraction vary with the severity of the alleged act. Common forms of administration and disciplinary actions include:

  • Reprimands: A public admonishment or censure, which may be combined with a monetary fine
  • Restrictions: Limiting your scope of practice, which can include working only with supervision
  • Contingencies: Requiring that certain conditions are met before you can retain your license
  • Suspension: Prohibition from practicing in Minnesota for a period of time
  • Revocation: Permanent removal of your nursing license

You may also negotiate with the board for an agreed-upon corrective action, a stipulation to quit practicing or other options.

Don’t surrender your license without a fight

As a licensed professional, you have a right to defend your license, protect your professional reputation and present your side of events for consideration. The potential consequences to your career can far outweigh any mistake that was made. Many complaints are dismissed by the board. Don’t just give in and accept what is handed down. Fight back.