Divorce may be less likely for couples who meet online

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Divorce

For people in Pennsylvania planning on finding a true love connection, online dating may be the way to go. From Tinder to Plenty of Fish to OKCupid or Match, online dating sites have proliferated as smartphones and tablets offer constant access to an array of apps and websites.

Academic research indicates not only that online dating is very popular, but also that it can actually lead to longer-lasting and happier marriages. While many people criticize online dating for promoting hook-up culture or constantly “shopping the market” for new relationships, data indicates that relationships forged via online dating can be especially strong and less vulnerable to divorce.

In addition, marriages that result from online dating can be more diverse in terms of race, socioeconomic status, geographical location and background. Because access to online dating services is widely shared, people have the opportunity to make connections with others whom they may never have met through their existing social networks and geographic, family or workplace connections.

Online dating has become so popular that, as of 2017, one-third of marriages begin with online dating. For opposite-sex couples, online dating is the second most popular way for people to meet and begin a romantic relationship. Online dating is more than popular, however; studies show that online dating helps lead to marriages that are less likely to end in divorce. Couples in relationships formed through online dating were also more likely to report a higher level of satisfaction with their relationships.

The opportunities provided by online dating can help people to find the right match for them, and many engaged in online dating are particularly marriage-minded. However, no form of dating is impervious to divorce. When a couple has decided to end their marriage, a family law attorney can provide important guidance and advice for handling asset distribution, child custody or support agreements during a divorce. A family lawyer can help a divorcing spouse to protect their rights while following all of the guidelines of state law.