When child custody exchanges become dangerous

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Divorce

For Minnesota parents going through a divorce, determining where their children will live and the way in which they will spend their time can be very difficult. Most parents want to spend holidays and special occasions with their children, but coming to an arrangement is necessary for both parties to be able to maintain strong bonds. However, even if the parents can be amicable, tempers often rise during the actual exchange, potentially leading to serious consequences.

Being able to amicably handle child custody disagreements in person is incredibly important. Additionally, parents need to learn how to not hold grudges should the other parent get the kids on certain days. It is imperative that both parents are able to calmly talk to one another when handing the children over to avoid causing anxiety and fear in their kids. If parents cannot do this, they are putting themselves and the children at risk for harm.

There are documented cases where parents have died or lost custody of their children during an exchange. One parent was fatally shot after the ex-wife’s boyfriend pulled a gun during a routine exchange. Another parent completely lost custody and was charged with child abuse after he stuck a knife in his daughter’s backpack with the intention of blaming it on the other parent.

Even if parents can get through an actual divorce without any major arguments, child custody issues can be a whole other matter. If one parent is preventing the other one from having access to the children due to a disagreement, a family law attorney may assist with representing the parent in court, especially if he or she has an agreement that is not being adhered to. If the other parent refuses to follow the custody agreement, a lawyer may work to help a person seek sole custody of the children so that he or she can establish and maintain a proper relationship with them.