Different divorce options for couples

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2016 | Divorce

When a Minnesota couple is ending their marriage, they may not realize that they have many options when it comes to resolving their conflicts. These options potentially include an uncontested divorce, mediation, a collaborative divorce or litigation.

An uncontested divorce means that the couple comes to an agreement when it comes to splitting up their marital assets and child custody. If the couple can work together and the agreement is fair, the divorce can be handled quickly and relatively cheaply. Depending on the situation, an uncontested divorce potentially allows the couple to split amicably and remain friends. If a couple decides to try a collaborative divorce, there is usually an attorney and a financial adviser for each party. The teams will then attempt to help their clients reach an agreement. If the couple cannot come to an agreement, the case may head to litigation.

Litigation is when one person files for divorce. Both parties have their own attorneys who look out for their interests. Both parties argue their case and a judge makes the decision. This process can take time and be expensive for both parties. In mediation, a neutral third party attempts to have the couple resolve open issues. If the couple can work together, agreements can be made in a few days or weeks.

If the couple cannot come to an agreement, they may go through a contested divorce. Courtroom battles can turn ugly quickly, and they can be lengthy and expensive. Most divorces, however, are settled outside of court, and a family law attorney can describe to a divorcing client how negotiations can sometimes produce an effective settlement.