Ciara wants sole custody of baby Future

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Child Support

Pop music fans in Minnesota may be interested in the custody battle that is going on between singer Ciara and rapper Future. The parents have one son together, also named Future, who turned 2 years old on May 19. Ciara is seeking sole custody, and Future is seeking joint legal custody. Baby Future is Ciara’s only child and Future’s fourth child. Future has three other children with three different mothers.

According to sources familiar with Ciara and Future, the California family court judge seemed more likely to grant Future’s request for joint legal custody. Though Ciara and her lawyer told the judge that Future is a bad parent and a bad person, the judge rejected Ciara’s arguments for sole custody. Family courts in California tend to award joint legal custody when appropriate, even though one parent will likely be awarded primary physical custody.

In addition to her petition for sole custody, Ciara filed a defamation lawsuit against Future. The $15 million lawsuit was filed in 2015. Ciara is asking the court to prevent Future from speaking publicly about her or posting any photos of their son on the Internet. After the lawsuit was filed, Future made several negative comments about Ciara. Future claimed publicly that Ciara is trying to keep him out of his son Future’s life.

Under joint legal custody, both parents are entitled to input on certain types of decisions that involve their child, such as schooling and health care. However, it is not uncommon for the non-custodial parent’s input to be disregarded, and a person who is in this position may want legal advice concerning the remedies that may be available.

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