Communication can reduce summer stress for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2016 | Child Custody

Many Minnesota residents are likely happy that the long winter months have drawn to a close and more temperate weather is on the horizon, but this happy time can place divorced parents under a great deal of stress. The long summer school break allows ample time for family vacations as well as other activities, but it can also be a time of animosity and rancor for divorced parents who fail to plan ahead.

As with many other conflicts that crop up during the divorce process, family disputes over summer custody and visitation rights may often be made less bitter, or possibly avoided altogether, by open and frank communication. Divorced parents should also remember that most research indicates that the way parents deal with this type of disagreement can govern how well their children are able to cope with changes in the family dynamic.

The ages of the children concerned will factor heavily into summer parenting arrangements. Teenagers often have a hectic schedule of activities during these months, and parents should bear this in mind and plan ahead accordingly. Parents should also share their summer vacation plans with each other at least 60 days before they plan on traveling. This will give the other parent the time that is needed to make vacation arrangements as well.

Experienced family law attorneys will likely be aware that the relationships of divorced parents can become strained during the summer months, and they may recommend that this factor be taken into consideration when parenting plans are drawn up. However, when these conflicts do arise, legal action may be necessary.