Can you plan too long for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Child Custody

Minnesota parents who are thinking about getting a divorce may be understandably concerned about how the process might affect their young children. Planning for a divorce is an important step in the process, but drawing things out too long can sometimes have unwelcome consequences as well.

Prolonged divorce planning can create new difficulties for children. While taking the time to carefully go over one’s options with respect to divorce can have a number of benefits, such as allowing a couple to possibly even mediate their issues, it can also increase a child’s insecurity about the future. For this reason, it’s important to ensure the lines of communication between parents and children remain open and that such issues are not ignored.

It’s worth bearing in mind that every child reacts differently to their parents breaking up. Some may indeed hope for reconciliation, but others could actually be happy to know that there’s an end in sight if their home life has been entirely consumed by parental fighting. In some cases, children will feel relieved that their parents’ divorce has allowed them to resume their normal relationships with their mother and father after the child custody process has been finalized. As such, parents may wish to discuss the particulars of their family situation with a counselor who can advise them accordingly.

Someone who is considering a divorce may find it beneficial to meet with a family law attorney to help plan for the future. While divorce can be an important way of restoring a sense of independence, there may be some precautions to first consider in order to avoid running afoul of any unnecessary hurdles. An attorney can often explain these matters in greater detail and in some cases provide recommendations for counselors who can assist children with handling the process.