New restraining-order-related initiative in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2016 | Domestic Violence

One of the legal steps generally available to Minnesota domestic violence victims is to make a request for a restraining order, also known as an order of protection. Domestic abuse lawyers can answer questions those who have been subjected to domestic violence have about the restraining order process and can assist them with requesting such an order.

When a restraining order is issued, it provides protection to a domestic violence victim through banning the domestic abuse perpetrator from taking certain actions. If the perpetrator tries to engage in the prohibited actions, police can take enforcement actions against the perpetrator under the order.

One of the things that can impact how effective restraining orders are at protecting victims of domestic abuse is how effective police are at enforcing such orders. Thus, one would hope putting law enforcement in a good position to effectively enforce orders of protection would be a high priority here in Minnesota.

Recently, a new statewide initiative regarding restraining orders was introduced by the Minnesota Judicial Branch. One of the aims of the new initiative is to improve restraining order enforcement.

Under the new initiative, restraining order data has been fully integrated with the state’s Court Information System. In the past, such data has been held in a separate, unconnected database.

Reportedly, this integration makes restraining order data more quickly available to law enforcement and allows law enforcement to have more complete information on issued restraining orders. Quickly having the right information can be key for law enforcement when it comes to effective restraining order enforcement.

The new initiative also provides ways through which domestic abuse victims can quickly receive notification when an order protecting them has been served.

How big of an impact do you think this new initiative will end up having on the enforcement of restraining orders in Minnesota?

Source: Pioneer Press, “Minnesota Judicial Branch alters protection order policy,” Jan. 23, 2016