Having back-due child support can lead to student grant holds

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2016 | Child Support

When a person is experiencing difficulties when it comes to paying child support, it is vital for them to not ignore the problem and simply hope it will resolve itself. Ignoring the problem could result in a person building up significant past-due child support. This could negatively impact their family in many ways. It could also have some major consequences for them personally.

For example, here in Minnesota, having past-due child support could get in the way of a person’s efforts to further their education. This is because one of the consequences being behind on child support can trigger under state law is a cutting off of certain funds that could help with such efforts.

Specifically, in certain circumstances, the state can deny a person an education grant on the grounds of having back-due child support. A person can be at risk of facing such a grant hold if they are over 30 days behind on child support payments.

As this underscores, the range of consequences missing child support payments could have is quite extensive.

Thus, when a person here in Minnesota feels they are at risk of falling behind on child support payments, quickly contacting a lawyer experienced in family law matters and with a detailed knowledge of Minnesota child support law can be important. Such attorneys can help parents who have concerns about their ability to make child support payments obligated by a court order understand what options they have for trying to avoid ending up in arrears on child support.

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