Defense strategies vary in sexual assault cases

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Sexual assault cases are some very difficult cases for everyone involved. It is crucial that anyone who is facing sexual assault charges takes a firm stance against the accusations. The harsh reality is that if you are convicted of the charges, you are facing a very different life because you will have a violent, sex-related conviction on your record.

When you are facing sexual assault charges, you have a few options for a defense. The main point about sexual assault is that the contact is unwanted by the person who was touched. That one fact is a big point in these cases because it comes down to getting consent or lack of consent.

When we work with you on a sexual assault defense, we need to know what happened during the incident in question. Getting your side of the story can help us to determine what types of defense strategies might work in your case.

You have a lot at stake when you are facing these serious charges. We work hard on your behalf to present your side of the case while we ensure that your rights are being respected. We work hard to investigate your case and comb through the evidence so that we can determine if there are any points that we need to challenge.

As we work on building your defense, we keep you informed and make sure that you are taking an active role in the case. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the defense that is being used in your case.