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Couple facing media attention in high asset divorce

| Jan 22, 2016 | high asset divorce

Getting a high asset divorce can be difficult, but having that divorce reported about in the media has got to be absolutely awful. Two people who are experiencing this are Nader and Jibil Kazeminy. They are originally from Iran and left the country during the 2008 Islamic revolution. The husband is said to be worth either tens of millions of dollars or hundreds of millions, depending on whom you believe. The couple settled in Minnesota and lived together for a number of years before the divorce action started.

This divorce had been going on for three years and has seen an army of lawyers involved. Four judges and mountains of court documents later, the battle is still going on. The two are officially divorced, but the matter of money is still up to the court to decide. Is Jibil, the wife, going to be allowed to live as she has been accustomed to in the past or will she have to settle for less comfortable lifestyle?

The couple’s lifestyle together was lavish, to say the least. It involved multiple homes worth millions of dollars in decorations alone, private jets on which they traveled to exotic places around the globe and a full-time staff.

Jibil says that she graduated from college and had a job when her then-husband urged her to quit working and be a stay-at-home mother. She says he made a verbal promise to always take care of her. Now she says that she feels rejected because he fell out of love with her and wants to pursue other females.

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Source: Star Tribune, “Millions of dollars, wild cast of characters in bitter Edina divorce,” John Reinan, Jan. 09, 2016