Can a person face a license revocation for a drug crime?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2016 | Drug Charges

License suspensions and revocations are consequences one generally associates with DUI and traffic crimes. However, DUI and traffic cases are not the only cases that can raise driver’s license issues. For example, here in Minnesota, under certain circumstances, a person can end up having their driver’s license revoked for a time in relation to a drug crime conviction.

A drug crime being committed while driving a motor vehicle can lead to a person receiving such a revocation. Under Minnesota law, when a person receives a conviction on a controlled substance charge in the state, if it is determined that the individual committed illegal drug possession or sales while they were driving a motor vehicle, the individual is to be given a 30-day driver’s license revocation.

A driver’s license revocation can impact a person in a very deep way. It affects their ability to get around, which can have impacts on their work life, personal life, family life and ability to do their regular day-to-day activities. Thus, this is another example of how a drug crime conviction can have considerable implications for a person.

This aspect of Minnesota drug crime law also underscores that there are a range of different special circumstances that can impact what consequences an individual could end up facing if convicted of a drug crime they are accused of.

Skilled drug crime defense attorneys understand what sorts of circumstances can have big impacts in drug crime cases and can provide drug crime defendants with defense representation tailored to their individual situation.