Yoga guru accused of rape, wife files for separation

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2015 | Divorce

There are countless reasons why Minnesota residents file for divorce or legal separation. Perhaps the marriage didn’t work due to personality conflicts. Maybe the two spouses had different life goals. Or, as is the case in the legal separation of a famous yogi, one of the spouses became embroiled in a serious criminal scandal.

The founder of “hot yoga,” Bikram Choudhury, will soon be going through divorce proceedings. After 31 years of marriage, the yoga teacher’s spouse, Rajashree Choudhury, has filed for separation amidst a scandal in which six ex-students accused him of sexually assaulting and raping them.

The 69-year-old exercise guru was accused of making unwanted sexual advances on the students during his yoga training seminars. For example, one lawsuit last February accused Bikram of sexually assaulting a Canadian yoga student who paid $10,000 for a yoga training in 2010.

Bikram has stated publicly that ever since the sexual assault and rape allegations, his wife will not look at him. However, the yoga teacher has denied the allegations. Earlier this year, he stated that he never needs to pressure a woman to have sex with him. He made other statements about how women “love him” and he would never need to assault them.

Most Minnesota residents can recognize when their marriage is beyond repair, but it may take time before they pull the trigger on divorce proceedings. Indeed, legal separation and divorce are difficult steps to take, which is why many spouses choose to speak with a qualified divorce attorney before they begin these processes. A divorce attorney can help spouses know exactly what to expect in their divorce and what kinds of preparations they should make before engaging on the process.

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