Domestic violence female fatalities spike in Minnesota this year

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Tragically, it appears that domestic violence is taking a particularly deadly toll here in Minnesota this year.

Reportedly, thus far, 26 women have suffered domestic-violence-related deaths in the state this year. This already far exceeds the total from last year, which was 16. You have to go back a ways to see a domestic-violence-related female fatality total as high as what we’ve already seen in the state this year. Specifically, you have to go back to 2005.

What do you think is behind the tragic surge in domestic violence female fatalities this year in Minnesota?

Domestic violence incidents can have all sorts of devastating consequences, even when they don’t result in losses of life. Thus, domestic abuse prevention is something that is always incredibly important.

Many things can impact what the overall domestic violence situation is in a state and how well-positioned a state is for addressing domestic violence issues, including:

  • What domestic violence laws the state has.
  • What enforcement efforts law enforcement agencies in the state are taking when it comes to domestic violence.
  • What support structure is available within the state for domestic violence victims who are seeking to escape an abusive relationship
  • What legal options domestic violence victims have to seek protection.
  • The level of domestic violence awareness in a state.

What do you think Minnesota does the best when it comes to domestic violence prevention and victim support? What areas do you think Minnesota is the weakest in when it comes to domestic abuse issues? What steps do you think the state and its citizens should take to try to reduce fatal domestic violence incidents and other incidents of domestic abuse in the state?

Source: KMSP, “Number of domestic violence deaths in Minnesota highest since 2005,” Karen Scullin, Nov. 12, 2015