Minnesota police cracking down on DUI in lead-up to Labor Day

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2015 | Drunk Driving Defense

Certain times of the year spark police crackdowns on drunken driving, and Labor Day is one of those times. In fact, statistics show that Labor Day ranks second among the deadliest holidays on Minnesota roads in the last five years. During that time, only the Fourth of July has seen more traffic fatalities — 25 — than Labor Day, which has seen 24.

Authorities have already increased enforcement efforts in the lead-up to Labor Day weekend. The enforcement campaign, which runs from Aug. 21 through Sept. 7, involves 300 agencies throughout the state, with officers working overtime in an effort to arrest drunk drivers.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, on average police officers respond to five accidents, three injuries and six DUIs per hour during the Labor Day weekend. Those statistics serve as strong motivators for police to make DUI arrests, and drivers should be aware of the potential consequences of driving while impaired.

For example, being charged with drunk driving has not only criminal repercussions, but also licensing consequences. These matters should be dealt with in a two-part approach. On the criminal side, it is important to thoroughly analyze the circumstances of the arrest, as well as the validity of the evidence obtained by police.

On the administrative side, it is possible to petition for the immediate reinstatement of your driver’s license after a DUI arrest, but the petition must be properly filed within 30 days.

For more on your rights and the steps to take after a DUI arrest in Minnesota, please see Groshek Law PA’s DUI defense overview.