Are you and a spouse headed towards divorce?

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Many social scientists, sociologists and researchers devote their lives to studying human behavior and attempting to figure out why and how, as human beings, we behave and make decisions. With the U.S. divorce rate consistently hovering around the 50 percent mark, the relationships between spouses is a popular research topic.

Within the last decade alone, numerous studies have been conducted in an effort to determine why some couples stay married while others divorce. In this blog post, we’ll examine some of the factors that, according to studies, increase the likelihood that a marriage won’t last. For example, researchers from the University of Washington found that divorce rates among couples who first welcome a baby girl into their family have a higher divorce rate than those who first welcome a boy.

An individual’s occupation can also play a role in whether or not he or she divorces. For example, a study published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology indicates that individuals who work as dancers, bartenders and machine operators are among those with the highest divorce rates while those who are employed as optometrists and podiatrists tend to stay married. Regardless of one’s occupation, individuals who spend more time at work and have occupations where they engage with members of the public or work closely with other co-workers may have more opportunities to flirt and cheat.

Perhaps one of the best indicators of divorce is what researchers at the University of Washington refer to as a perceptual filter. For a 2000 study, researchers determined “that they could predict with 87 percent accuracy whether newlyweds would divorce within six years.” Using the perceptual filter model, newlyweds were asked to “provide an oral history” of their relationship with a spouse. Researchers then noted how often a newlywed used words associated with affection when talking about a spouse.

While studies about relationships and divorce are interesting and can be revealing, the factors that contribute to divorce are often much more complex and varied. Minneapolis residents who are contemplating or planning a divorce, can benefit from the advice and assistance of an attorney who handles divorce mediation and child custody matters.

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