Basketball player involved in paternity dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Child Custody

Minnesota sports fans have probably read headlines before about high-earning athletes submitting to paternity tests to try to determine whether they fathered a child out of wedlock. Indiana Pacers player Paul George was determined to be the father of a child through a prenatal paternity test, but the player is contesting the results, saying that he doubts the accuracy of the test. The basketball player recently took another paternity test after the birth of the child on May 1.

George says that if he is confirmed to be the baby’s father, he would like to have sole physical child custody. The player says that the mother is not fit to care for the child, considering that she has not been making efforts to find gainful employment and that she has been relying on outside help in caring for the baby. The woman’s attorney says that the suggestion that the mother of a two-month-old infant should be trying to find work is insulting to women.

The mother has been living with family in New York since her daughter was born, but the mother met George in Florida. He is trying to have the case removed to a Florida court. The mother says that the basketball player should not be granted sole custody, since his team travel would not make him fit to be a full-time parent. George hopes that if he is not granted sole custody that he will be allowed to pay the mother less than the Florida guidelines for child support.

Parents who are struggling to figure out a child custody or child support arrangement may want to seek the representation of a family law attorney. Even once a support order has already been granted, an attorney may help a client seek a modification based on a change in circumstances, such as a parent’s gaining or losing employment.

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