Rocker Gallagher embroiled in custody feud

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Child Custody

Family law matters are rarely black-and-white. Whether a couple is composed of celebrities or everyday Minnesotans, complications are likely to arise. The situation can become particularly messy when the couple in question is not married and has a child. In the case of one famous musician, a child support and custody case is just heating up on the East Coast as his lover seeks custody of their baby girl.

News reports show that Liza Ghorbani, former lover of musician Liam Gallagher, has filed a custody petition against him. She is seeking full custody of the girl, along with millions in child support. The woman, a freelance writer, reportedly became intimate with the singer after she penned a profile about him for a New York newspaper. The child has been living with the woman in New York, but family attorneys say that the mother may have filed the custody petition in response to requests from Gallagher to visit the child.

The rocker, known for his participation in the popular band Oasis, divorced his celebrity wife after she discovered that he had a child with the writer.

Officials report that the child’s custodial parent has $3 million in child support pending against Gallagher. That money would be used to improve the woman’s financial situation so she could raise her daughter with additional security. The child custody case is being handled among a group of other confidential cases at the Manhattan Supreme Court, according to news reports. Speculation exists that the woman chose to switch venues – from family court to the supreme court – because she may have viewed the latter as a more capable judicial body with experience handling high-profile family law cases.

As with many legal proceedings, the choice of venue in a child custody and support case can make all the difference in the decision that is handed down. Those seeking court assistance for child support issues may seek help from a qualified family attorney to determine the best venue for their specific cases.

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