Adjusting child support after job loss

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Child Support

For most of us, a change in job circumstances mainly means that we have to give up some of our treasured possessions and put off plans for things like a new car or larger home. Individuals who pay child support, however, face different concerns when they are demoted or lose their job. The child support payment amount does not automatically change to adjust to Minnesota residents’ new financial situation. Additional court proceedings may be required to change these amounts.

The famous founder of the Guardian Angels in New York is facing financial problems that prohibit him from paying large amounts of child support, according to news reports. Curtis Sliwa is facing a criminal trial because of child support payments due to his special-needs son. That child lives with his mother, Sliwa’s ex-wife. The man had been making $688,000 annually and was paying $12,000 per month in child support.

Now Sliwa, who is a radio host, says he is only earning $120,000 annually due to Hurricane Sandy-related damage suffered by the company for which he works. He is also paying for his two young children conceived with a different woman. Sliwa is living with that woman, who had their children through artificial conception methods. Sliwa had agreed to pay that woman child support, as well, which is limiting the amount available for his older son.

As a result, his ex-wife has made angry remarks to the news media, alleging that Sliwa took money from their marital estate to give to his mistress. The woman reportedly has had to sell jewelry to pay for her bills, and she is behind on the mortgage of her $1.6 million Manhattan apartment.

Job circumstances change, but it is not always quick or easy to obtain agreement modifications for monthly payments of child support. People have a right to have their payments reduced based on their income. Minnesota family attorneys can help these individuals learn more about their child support adjustment options.

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