Sober teen faces school consequences for underage drinking party

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2013 | Juvenile Crimes/Delinquency

When it comes to underage drinking, while no parent necessarily wants their teenage son or daughter going out and partying, the truth is that many teens will decide to experiment with drugs and alcohol. And while their safety should be the No. 1 concern, parents may find themselves facing a whole new set or worries if the party is busted by police.

Recently, a story that took place in another state made national headlines when it was learned a high school senior was in trouble by her school after agreeing to drive a drunk friend home from a party.

It was a couple of weeks ago when the high school senior received a call from a friend who was at a party and too drunk to drive. Thinking she was making the right decision, she went to the party to pick up the friend. Just after getting to the party, police arrived. A number of the party goers were charged for underage possession of alcohol.

According to a recent CBS news story, police agreed the one teen who was there to pick up a friend had not been drinking and did not have alcohol on her. However, even though she was cleared by police, she was still found to be in violation of her school district’s zero tolerance policy involving drugs or alcohol. It appears simply being there to pick up a friend was enough of a reason for her to be demoted from captain of the volleyball team and suspended for five games.

At this point, her family has hired an attorney to try and reverse the decision.

Overall though, this case goes to show how serious allegation of underage drinking should be taken. For while there were certainly consequences for those who were busted by police, this case goes to show there may also be school consequences.

Source: CBS, “North Andover High Punishes Teen For Giving Drunken Pal Ride Home From Party,” Bree Sison, Oct. 13, 2013