Patric fighting for rights to child

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Fathers' Rights

In child custody cases, men’s needs to negotiate for custody are often overlooked. This is especially true in Minnesota custody cases with non-traditional attributes, such as artificial insemination or surrogacy. Now, a prominent actor is seeking confirmation of his fathers’ rights after the mother of his child reportedly kept the boy from him.

The woman contends that the actor, Jason Patric, never intended to stay in the boy’s life, instead suggesting that he was a simple sperm donor who should not have rights to his child. She has presented a letter in which the actor stated that he was not ready to be a father. That same letter asks the woman to keep the man’s name off of the child’s birth certificate.

Official reports show the man has not seen his 3-year-old son in 23 weeks. Patric, said he donated his sperm to his former girlfriend with the intention to raise the resulting child together. The woman was inseminated with Patric’s sperm in 2009. The actor has even displayed evidence of involvement by explaining that he has paid child support and spent time with the child, as shown in photographs.

It appears the actor could be in for an extended fight, as a judge in the case awarded custody to the woman. The judge stated the couple had never drafted a contract to identify Patric as the boy’s father. In the couple’s state of residence, California, a contract is required to permit a sperm donor to seek parental rights. There are pending bills that are seeking to change that existing law.

If you are a father who has not been provided with access to your child, consider consulting a qualified Minnesota family law attorney to find out more about your rights. You could be entitled to increased visitation, even as a sperm donor. A qualified family attorney can help you learn more about your rights and responsibilities in court, helping maximize your legal outcome.

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