Journey guitarist wins child support match

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2013 | Child Support

The ex-wife of Journey guitarist Neal Schon filed a legal complaint seeking additional child support funds from the rocker, claiming that the man had not been paying enough to assist his children. The woman, who was Schon’s fourth wife, was seeking additional compensation in Minnesota courts in the amount of $5,758 each month. Schon had been paying about $3,000 in child support payments each month.

A judge in the case ruled that the $3,000 monthly child support payments were adequate for maintaining the children’s lifestyle. The couple has two young daughters. Media reports have not included their ages.

In fact, the justice was critical of the woman in his ruling, asserting that she had sought the increase in support in order to improve her own standard of living. The judge also reportedly encouraged the woman to seek additional income of her own by getting a job.

Court papers showed that the woman did, indeed, have astronomical expenses for what would normally be considered luxury items. She spent about $7,000 each year on clothes, more than $9,000 on birthday parties, $5,700 for a storage locker and $2,400 on postage alone.

Schon reportedly said he was angry that his children were being used against him in court. He accused the woman of extortion and exploitation in the case.

Child support is, as its name suggests, designed to help the non-moneyed spouse provide for the couple’s children. It is not clear whether the woman has sole custody of the girls, but they clearly spend a significant amount of time with her. Child support is supposed to be allocated to the children’s needs, not those of the spouse. Alimony is the proper option for adults who are seeking additional income from their ex-spouses.

In this case, the judge ruled that the woman was essentially looking to abuse the court system for her own benefit. If you believe your ex is trying to bleed you dry financially because of his or her own agenda, you should consult a qualified attorney, which can protect your assets.

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