‘Real Housewife’ may be headed to child custody court

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2012 | Child Custody

Fans of the television show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” may be familiar with Adrienne Maloof and her plastic surgeon husband, Paul Nassif. The power couple, it seems, has lost its spark. The two have recently confirmed reports that they are indeed filing for divorce. Maloof, who claims to be the more involved parent of their three children, is seeking primary child custody.

Although Maloof and Nassif signed a prenuptial agreement, Maloof fears that Nassif will attempt to secure some of her family fortune in the divorce. Maloof is co-owner of several of her family’s business concerns, including the Sacramento Kings basketball team and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Attorneys for Maloof say that she has nothing to fear and that the prenup is airtight.

Details on the cause of the divorce are relatively scarce. There has been speculation that the couple’s open marriage may have been to blame, but a friend of Nassif says otherwise. According to him, the couple suffered from a general lack of intimacy and tried most days to avoid each other altogether. The divorce, he says, was a long time coming.

Even though most Minnesota residents cannot claim ownership of a professional sports team, there are still lessons to be learned from the Maloof-Nassif divorce. In marital circumstances of disparate wealth, a prenuptial agreement can be a simple and effective way to safeguard one’s resources.

Also, those who may be going through a difficult or stressful divorce or child custody battle can perhaps take some comfort in the fact that even the super-rich have to deal with the courts. Beneath the shimmer of Hollywood lie the same old struggles.

Maloof is prepared to battle Nassif for custody of her children, according to a source close to her. They are, she says, what matters most.

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