Minnesota Mom Who Gave Son Medical Marijuana Continues To Face Charges

After a Minnesota mother gave her son medical marijuana to relieve his severe muscle spasms, she was charged with child endangerment.
After giving her son cannabis oil for the purpose of relieving his muscle spasms, a mother in Minnesota was charged with two gross misdemeanor counts of child endangerment, states the Star Tribune. After recently appearing in court, the mother and her attorney appealed for the criminal charges against her to be dismissed, but her request was not considered. Instead, the court did not take action and will revisit the case at a later date.

Why the mother gave her son this drug

The mother was charged with endangering her child by involving him in a drug transaction after an official at her son’s school alerted Child Protective Services to the situation. According to the Star Tribune, before the mother tried giving her son medical marijuana, he suffered from severe muscle spasms that would cause him to curl up in a fetal position or punch walls to deal with the pain. After the mother gave him the cannabis oil, which she purchased legally at a dispensary in Colorado, the boy experienced a dramatic improvement in his level of discomfort.
The mother argues she does not deserve to face charges related to committing drug crimes because the situation does not reflect child endangerment. The law, she notes, was designed to protect children involved in precarious drug situations, not ones who are suffering from excruciating pain after sustaining an injury.

Medical marijuana laws in Minnesota

According to CBS Minnesota, medical marijuana was legalized in Minnesota during the first half of 2014 and became the 22 nd state to permit the use of this drug for medical purposes. Although medical marijuana is legal, only certain illnesses qualify and the restrictions on its use are some of the most limiting in the country. Under this law:

  • Marijuana leaves cannot be smoked.
  • Medical cannabis can only be used by taking pills or oils of the compound or vaporizing the drug using a device that is similar to an e-cigarette.
  • Those who use medical marijuana are not allowed to cultivate the drug at their home.
  • Only two cannabis dispensaries are permitted to operate in the entire state of Minnesota.

Additionally, it is considered a felony for anyone who uses medical marijuana to give it to someone else who is not a patient. Those who are charged for giving medical cannabis to another person or who possess or use marijuana illegally may face severe penalties, like fines and jail time, for this offense. If you are facing charges in Minnesota for possessing an illegal substance, speak with an attorney to find out what you can do to protect your legal rights.
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