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The most important issue in any divorce involving children is child custody. Where will the children live? Who will be primarily responsible for their care? How can both parents remain an active part of their child's life? These are important questions that can have significant ramifications in a child's development.

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Children are one of the biggest factors in any divorce. Yet they can be the most overlooked in terms of their feelings and desires because you and your spouse are dealing with your own grief and emotional turmoil. We work with you and your spouse to make sure your children are taken care of in terms of child support and a parenting plan that works for everybody.

If you have been a stay-at-home parent or feel you need financial support from your spouse for other reasons, we will help you obtain it. We show compassion to our clients, but we are not afraid to tackle the difficult issues when facing antagonism from the opposing parties.

The most common custody issues couples have are related to visitation schedules, moving children away from one parent when the other moves, and the need for parenting counseling on important matters.

  • Visitation schedules for parents and children can change over time, as children get older and parents change employers. What worked to keep preschoolers safe and secure might not be the best arrangement for young adults in high school.
  • In our mobile society where people no longer stay with one employer for 30 years, divorced parents often have to reconcile an out-of-state career move with the reality that they may not be able to have their children relocate with them.
  • Parenting consulting services help families make the transition from one household to two. We are trained parenting consultants and can help you co-parent with your children's other parent at any time, even after a divorce is finalized.

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