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Two juveniles arrested in connection with downtown St. Patrick's Day riot

There's a saying that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, and cities across the U.S. often have parades and other fun events to celebrate the holiday. According to the Minneapolis St. Patrick's Day Association, the city's St. Patrick's Day parade tradition dates back to 1969 and today is considered a fun family event.

This most-recent St. Patrick's Day parade, however, was marred by violence as hundreds of what police officers describe as "young people" brawled in the streets of downtown Minneapolis. Currently, two adults along with two juveniles, ages 15 and 16 have been arrested in connection to the St. Patrick’s Day events and are facing criminal charges.

How to limit the IRS' share of your divorce settlement

Divorce signals numerous changes in an individual’s life. In addition to changes to one's living situation child custody arrangements and personal finances; individuals going through the divorce process would also be wise to understand the possible tax implications related to the division of certain assets.

When negotiating a divorce settlement, it's important to keep in mind that some transfers of assets and property will likely to be subject to capital gains taxes. While the basic transfers of assets and cash that are common in divorce are typically not subject to taxes, an individual will be forced to pay taxes on any profits related to investments accounts and stocks. In some cases, taxes can be significant and these types of cuts in profits should be taken into account when negotiating a divorce settlement.

Recent indictments show strength of state's synthetic drug law

In the mid to late 2000s, so-called synthetic drugs became popular in the United States. Marketed and legally sold at head shops under names like spice and bath salts, the drugs were manufactured to provide users with a high similar to illegal drugs like marijuana, LSD and methamphetamines.

As the popularity and use of these drugs increased, so too did reports of recreational users who suffered psychotic episodes, injury and even death. In response, federal and state law enforcement officials across the country began taking steps to outlaw the chemical substances that were readily used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs.

Accurate asset valuation can be important in alimony matters too

One thing that can be of great importance in a divorce is having an accurate valuation of assets. One reason this is the case is that asset value generally plays a big role in property division matters. 

In a divorce, the property in the marital estate is divided between the two divorcing spouses. Sometimes, the specifics of which marital assets will go to who are established through an agreement between the two divorcing parties, while other times such specifics end up having to be determined by a court. Whether it is the parties or a court making the property division decision, the values of the various assets in the marital estate often end up being a major guide in the determination of what sort of asset division makes the most sense for a given divorcing couple.

Are U.S. doctors are more likely to divorce?

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, in 2008, roughly 14,250 physicians were licensed and working at medical clinics and hospitals throughout the state. Home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Minnesota is home to some of the most well-respected and highest compensated of all U.S. physicians.

Doctors spend years studying and training for how to diagnose and treat serious injuries and health conditions and, for many, work is their life. For these reasons, doctors tend to marry later in life and, for those who do marry, unpredictable work schedules and long work hours can have a negative impact on one's home life.

Is mediation the right fit for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse?

Historically, the divorce process has by nature been adversarial. While most divorces likely result from disputes and differences between spouses, this doesn't mean that the actual divorce process needs to become an all out war.

For some couples, mediation offers a preferred alternative to the traditional litigation divorce process. While mediation isn't for everyone, for couples who believe they can be civil and work together to resolve divorce-related issues, the process offers many benefits.

Use and abuse of prescription drugs continues to plague schools and communities

When most people hear about a drug-related arrest, illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine often spring to mind. However, while the use of these more traditional illegal drugs is declining in the U.S., the abuse of prescription drugs is increasing. Factors contributing to this increase include the fact that, for many Americans, prescription drugs are more readily available. Additionally, because they are legal and prescribed by a physician, there's a false belief among many that prescription drugs are safe.

However, when prescription drugs are taken by individuals for whom they are not prescribed or for non-medical purposes, serious injury and even death may result. What's more, not only is taking another individual's prescription drugs dangerous and potentially deadly, it's also illegal.

Unmarried parents face unique legal challenges

For many residents in and around the Twin Cities metropolitan area, family is very important. Increasingly, the compositions of today’s families are very different from those of 40 or more years ago. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of children who are born in the U.S. are born to unmarried women. With these kinds of changes to the traditional family structure, come certain legal challenges related to numerous various family law issues.

For Minneapolis area residents who are dealing with issues related to paternity, child support and child custody and visitation; emotions often run high and may result in an individual saying or doing something he or she later regrets. Additionally without any type of legal intervention, the rights and obligations of unmarried parents, especially fathers, may be called into question.

Drug cases require individualized approach

Everyone makes mistakes and it’s from these mistakes that we learn and grow. In cases where one's mistakes involve the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs; the resulting consequences can be especially punitive. Despite calls for reform, current state and federal drug laws remain harsh and prosecutors may seek to make an example of even first-time and low-level offenders and push for the maximum sentence and penalties.

The vast majority of drug charges stem from non-violent offenses and many involve individuals who may be in desperate need of drug treatment. Regardless of one's circumstances, Minneapolis residents who are facing drug charges are likely to feel scared and confused about the possible penalties and overall legal process.

When it comes to household finances, are you and your spouse equals?

All married couples disagree and argue about things. However, according to a 2013 Kansas State University study, money is by far the topic that couples argue about most and, in some cases, arguments about finances can ultimately ruin a marriage.

For many people, money is a taboo topic. Most people prefer to keep details related to how much money they make or how much they pay for certain items private. While it's perfectly acceptable not to broadcast one's financial details to relatives or neighbors, it's another thing when spouses don't openly communicate with each other about finances.


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