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Does your partner or spouse have the cheating gene?

When it comes to the laws of attraction, numerous factors often come into play. From how an individual looks to what he or she does for a living to life experiences; attraction and so-called chemistry is often necessary for the development of any romantic relationship.

Those factors that contribute to making a relationship last are often more complex. For many individuals, honesty and fidelity are among those traits desired and admired in a significant other. Individuals who, for whatever reason, lack these attributes are often more likely to cheat on a partner or spouse.














































































































































































































































































































































































My ex won't pay child support. Can I withhold visitation?

It can certainly be frustrating not to receive the child support the family court has ordered. For a custodial parent who relies on that money to meet the children's basic needs, the holidays can be a particularly exasperating time for your kids' other parent to come up short. It can put you in a tough position: Do you take the other parent to court right before a big family holiday? Or do you skimp on presents while the other parent seems to have plenty of cash?

If you've ever been in this situation, you might be tempted just to tell your ex that he or she won't be getting any visitation until that child support is paid up. That ought to work -- but is it legal?

Not in Minnesota. There are probably few if any states where such a tradeoff would be considered reasonable or in the children's best interest. Also, keep in mind that these are court orders, which means you don't have the authority to act unilaterally.

Study deems Minnesota's DWI courts a success

With harsh penalties including possible jail or prison time, suspension of one's driver's license and costly fines; a drunk driving conviction is a serious criminal offense. However, despite the possible repercussions, DWI or DUI arrests are common in many states including Minnesota.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, during 2012 alone, more than 28,000 drivers in Minnesota were arrested for DWI. As of 2012, state reports also indicate there were more than 69,000 residents who had been arrested and convicted of DWI three times and more than 12,000 who were considered five-time DWI offenders.

Study indicates that, when it comes to making a marriage last, age matters

When dating and looking for a potential future husband or wife, many people admit to having some sort of checklist of must-meet requirements. For example, an individual may prefer to date someone with specific physical attributes or of a certain financial status. Age is often another important factor when it comes to looking for a life partner.

Some say age is just a number. While in some respects this may be true, an individual's age often equates to life experiences and individuals of differing ages sometimes have difficulty relating to one another. The findings of a recent study indicate that age may also play an important role when it comes to making a marriage work.

Teens facing criminal charges are often at a critical juncture

Many of us can likely remember back to our teenage years and recall one or more things we did of which we're not proud. From sneaking out of a parent's home to attend an underage drinking party to experimenting with drugs to stealing clothing or other items from a store; even good kids make bad decisions. Teens are often highly influenced by their peers and a desire to fit. In cases where a teen is discovered by be drinking and driving or in the possession of illegal drugs, it’s important to note that one bad decision can have serious and far-reaching implications.

Minneapolis teens, who are facing criminal charges, would be wise to take such charges seriously and retain a defense attorney. Some teens and their parents wrongly assume that a teen's criminal conviction isn't a big deal because juvenile criminal records are sealed. However, a teen found guilty of crime may still be forced to serve time in a juvenile detention or rehabilitation center.

How do the courts decide who is a child's legal father?

If a mother isn't sure who's the biological father of her child -- or if the alleged father doesn't agree -- biological paternity can be determined relatively easily via DNA test. When done correctly, these tests are so accurate that they are accepted as proof of paternity in court.

Establishing legal paternity isn't just a matter of fatherly pride; it's the basis for a dad's parental rights. That means a DNA test isn't quite enough -- a court's determination of legal paternity may be needed for dads to have the right to make decisions regarding their kids and to be given parenting rights.

A DNA test may determine who's a father, but DNA isn't what makes a dad. In some cases, the courts don't need evidence of a biological relationship at all. In fact, most fathers are never required to undergo a DNA test in order to establish their parental rights. After all, paternity had to be determined long before anyone even knew what DNA was.

So, how do family courts determine legal paternity, if not through DNA?

The divorce process: seeing and understanding the bigger picture

The financial repercussions of a divorce can reverberate for years and negatively impact an individual's ability to meet future goals. While going through a divorce, some individuals are so overcome by the associated emotional aspects that they aren't able to see the forest through the trees. This is when the advice and guidance of a skilled divorce attorney becomes invaluable.

In addition to having a divorce attorney who has one's current and future best interests in mind, there are also steps an individual can take to build a more secure financial future for himself or herself and shared children. For example, for those individuals who may not have their own source of income, it's wise to take steps to secure employment and open a bank and credit card account in one's own name.

Ensuring for a happy holiday season in the midst of a divorce

While often considered a joyous and happy time of year, the holiday season can be a difficult time for individuals who are going through or who were recently separated or divorced. This is often especially true when shared children are involved. For individuals in facing this situation, it's wise to take steps to mentally and emotionally prepare for the holiday season.

Many parents frequently put aside their own needs to attend to those of their children. While in some circumstances this is appropriate, failing to provide for one's own emotional health can have serious and far-reaching consequences.

Minneapolis businessman faces 68 criminal counts related to tax crimes

There's a famous quote related to the fact that there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. Let's face it; no one enjoys parting with their hard-earned income and paying taxes. Yet, every year when April 15 rolls around, people in the U.S. dutifully file their income taxes and write checks to the Internal Revenue Service.

To make matters worse, the actual process of attempting to complete one's taxes can be arduous and stressful. Tax codes, rules and laws are complicated and frequently change. It's no wonder, therefore, that many taxpayers err when completing tax-related documents. This is often especially true of small business owners who must wear many hats and often deal in cash. 

If my soon-to-be ex-spouse earns more than me, will I be awarded alimony?

In many marriages, one spouse is considered the breadwinner. In some cases, one parent may choose to stay home with young children. In other cases, both spouses may work, but one earns a much higher income. In other cases, one spouse may financially support the other while he or she pursues a higher degree or some other personal or professional pursuit.

Marriage is about compromise and couples must often negotiate to find a workable solution that meets their personal and financial needs. In cases where a couple later divorces, the financial standing of each spouse as well as the compromises and sacrifices that were made during a marriage must be taken into account when deciding matters related to alimony or spousal maintenance.


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