Have You Been Accused of Making Terroristic Threats?

In Minnesota, it is a crime to threaten violence with the intent of terrorizing or intimidating another person. A prime example of this would be screaming, "I'm going to strangle you!" in the midst of a heated confrontation. At the juvenile level, terroristic threats are taken very seriously and prosecuted aggressively. It is important to mount an aggressive defense if you are charged.

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At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we provide a skilled defense against terroristic threats charges. Certified in state and federal court, we have a thorough understanding of both the juvenile and adult judicial systems.

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A Skilled Defense Against Terroristic Threats Charges

While these charges are taken very seriously and require a diligent defense, it is not impossible to beat these charges or minimize their effects. These are very easy charges to bring, but they are not always as easy to prove. Despite the increase in schoolyard violence and other violence among minors, juries are still generally hesitant to convict someone on words alone. For charges to lead to a conviction, there usually has to be some other proof of malicious intent beyond what was said in the heat of an argument.

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It is incredibly important in these cases to have an attorney who regularly practices in juvenile court and understands how the system works. To learn more about how we can help you or your child, contact Groshek Law online today for a free, confidential consultation or, call 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829.