Minnesota Child Support and Alimony Enforcement

Court orders that come out of a divorce and define child custody, child support and alimony are legally enforceable. If they are not followed, we can file a contempt petition.

  • When a parent fails to pay child support, he or she may face arrest and other legal action.
  • When a parent fails to pay alimony that is owed to an ex-spouse, he or she may face wage garnishment.
  • If one parent does not live up to a visitation agreement or makes it difficult for the other parent to do so, we can file for contempt.

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When circumstances warrant legal action, we can file a contempt petition to compel cooperation with mandatory court orders for support or to enforce terms of a child custody or child support agreement.

If you are owed back child support or alimony, a legal judgment in your favor may allow you to levy wages, seize money in a bank account or seize tax refund money.

At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, attorney Christa Groshek provides her clients with outstanding criminal defense representation. She also understands that her clients often have accompanying family law needs as well. She relies on alimony and child support attorney to handle collateral family law services for her clients, including child support and child support enforcement.

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