Professional License Revocation Attorney for Nurses in Minneapolis

If you are a nurse facing criminal allegations or accused of violating ethical standards at work, obtain experienced legal help. Everything you achieved professionally could suddenly be taken away based on the Minnesota Nursing Board's recommendations. You have worked hard to become a nurse. Take every measure possible to protect your career.

At Groshek Law in Minneapolis, Christa Groshek offers experienced advocacy and legal counsel to nurses facing administrative and criminal allegations. She has the skills and tenacity to protect your rights on both fronts. Call her at 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829.

Attorney Christa Groshek will take every measure possible to defend you against felony or misdemeanor charges. She is also committed to protecting your license, whether you are facing criminal charges or ethical allegations. Contact her downtown Minneapolis law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Defending Nurses Under Scrutiny by the Minnesota Nursing Board

If your nursing license is being threatened for any reason, you likely feel worried your career will be put in jeopardy. The last thing you need is to be left with any surprises. Attorney Christa Groshek will apply her years of experience and legal skills to help you navigate through the legal process. She has a strong background representing nurses in state board hearings accused of:

Our firm's professional license defense attorney is committed to guiding you through the legal process. If you are accused of felony or misdemeanor charges, you could face criminal and administrative ramifications. Attorney Christa Groshek is fully prepared to defend your rights on both fronts.

The Minnesota Nursing Board handles license revocations or disciplinary proceedings stemming from alleged personal or professional misconduct. This is a very complex area of the law often involving criminal and administrative law.

Attorney Christa Groshek has extensive experience representing nurses before state board administrative hearings, which are essentially trials. She has the skills and legal resources to conduct a thorough investigation focused on uncovering any contradictory information or false assumptions made against you. Attorney Christa Groshek will also use any evidence in your favor to protect your license, while defending your rights.

Contact a Highly Skilled Professional License Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis

If you are a nurse accused of professional or criminal misconduct, obtain experienced legal help. You could face criminal penalties and the risk of losing your professional license and/or your license as a foster care parent or day care provider. When the stakes are high, call defense attorney Christa Groshek to protect your rights at 888-721-1056 or 612-424-5829.