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Most serious charges against teen accused of plotting mass shooting dismissed

Minneapolis area residents likely recall hearing about 17-year-old John LaDue's arrest last spring. The teen was arrested after a woman became suspicious of his behavior at a storage facility and called police. Upon finding LaDue at the storage site, police also discovered explosive devices and the troubled teen's plot to kill his family and carryout a mass shooting at his high school.

5 Woodbury teens face drug-related murder charges

Teenagers are often curious about and willing to try many things. While in middle and high school, many teen boys and girls experiment with alcohol and drugs. While most Minneapolis parents may worry about their teens smoking marijuana, many of today's teenagers are experimenting with so-called synthetic drugs.

Minnesota residents facing drug convictions face very different punishments

Individuals who face criminal charges related to drug possession, distribution or manufacture face serious penalties including months or years of jail or prison time and probation. While sentencing guidelines for drug crimes exist in Minnesota, sentencing decisions made by individual judges vary greatly throughout the state.

Minnesota drug courts aim to help addicts recover and succeed

When an individual seeks medical care for painful symptoms, a doctor seeks to not only treat the adverse symptoms, but also determine and treat any underlying health conditions that may be ultimately contributing to such symptoms. This approach makes sense and failure to address a health problem in this manner would likely result in a lawsuit. However, society often takes a very different approach when it comes to the adverse side effects that may result when an individual suffers from an alcohol or drug addiction.

Minnesota student could face felony for tweet

Typically when we hear about cyber bullying we think about students bullying other students. But a recent incident in Rogers, Minnesota, shows that teachers, too, can be bullied on the Internet. A well-liked student athlete could now face felony charges for his involvement in the Internet scandal.

Laws surrounding synthetic drugs continue to confuse many

When Minnesota lawmakers head back to the capital later this month, they will be met with a bill calling for tougher laws and penalties surrounding the manufacturing and selling of so-called synthetic drugs. Many Minneapolis residents have likely heard about some of the more popular forms of synthetic drugs which are often marketed to consumers under names such as K2, Spice and Bath Salts.

Another Minnesotan charged with murder in overdose death

Last week, we discussed how Minnesota law enforcement is cracking down on drug suppliers in fatal overdose cases. Since then, another Minnesotan has been charged with third-degree murder in connection to a methadone overdose that killed her husband in March 2013.

Minneapolis teens can face charges for knockout game

News regarding a violent game called "knockout" has been making the rounds on news outlets around the country. Online communities and social networking sites are also all a buzz with knockout-related stories, making some question just what the game is and why there seems to be an increase in popularity.

Teen accused of sexual assault arrested at Minneapolis school

Many seem to think that regardless of what a crime is, a juvenile will not be charged as an adult. Rather, some seem to believe that since the accused is under the age of 18, if convicted, the juvenile will end up with a very light sentence. 

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