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Medical marijuana laws and child custody: a gray legal topic

Recently, Minnesota became the latest state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes. According to an article on, in order to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana, an individual must be diagnosed with one of nine qualifying conditions. Experts estimate that approximately 5,000 individuals throughout the state will qualify to obtain a medical marijuana prescription and license under current guidelines. That number, however, could significantly increase if additional conditions, including chronic pain, are added to the list of qualifying conditions.

Divorcees would be wise to take steps to protect against a vengeful ex

Individuals going through the divorce process may be dealing with a variety of feelings and emotions. In some cases, feelings of anger and betrayal dominate and lead a spouse to take actions meant to harm a soon-to-be ex-wife or ex-husband mentally, emotionally and financially.

Child custody battle rages for former NFL player

A high-profile and emotional murder-suicide has now given way to an equally as emotional child custody battle. This dispute spans across two states, which complicates matters greatly, as some Minnesota parents can attest to.

Fathers, be mindful of what you do during divorce

Many divorcing fathers in Minnesota want to keep in contact with their children but when the split happens, those same men worry about losing custody. Fathers' rights ensure a fair determination process, but this has not stopped the perception that women will likely be the ones placed in full custody of the kids.

Model custody law provides guidance to deployed military parents

When divorcing, it's not uncommon for a parent to relocate to a different city or even to another state. When that happens, however, disputes may arise over child custody issues, including visitation and support matters. Those discussions become even more complicated when one of the parents is deployed in military service.

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