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Creating a parenting plan during a divorce

When Minnesota parents decide to divorce, they must make important decisions about how they will raise their children and share parenting time. In the mind of many judges, having ample access to both parents is presumed to be in a child's best interests. This presumption is rebuttable, however, if it can be shown that, for example, one parent has a history of substance abuse or domestic violence.

Baseball star sued for child support

Minnesota residents may be familiar with Miguel Cabrera's exploits on the baseball diamond. However, the Detroit Tigers star made news off the field earlier in 2017 when a woman filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court. The suit alleges that Cabrera fathered a child with her in 2013 and in 2015, and it also alleges that he has not made sufficient support payments.

Child support largest cause of wage garnishments

A middle-aged male worker at a Minnesota manufacturing plant has a high chance of having his wages garnished. A study that looked at the payroll data of 12 million workers nationwide in 2016 revealed that 26 percent of Midwestern men ages 35 to 55 employed in manufacturing had their wages garnished for one reason or another, and it was often child support arrearages.

Resources used by state agencies to find non-custodial parents

Child custody matters can be complex no matter which state a family resides in, even when both parents are involved in the child's life. Some custodial parents in Minnesota and across the U.S., however, may be faced with the task of locating the non-custodial parent for the purpose of collecting child support. In these cases, parents may need to utilize outside resources, such as a state child support enforcement agency, to track down the non-custodial parent.

How to handle planned vacations to minimize disputes

Minnesota parents who share children but who do not live with each other often have custody and parenting time issues that arise. Spring and summer breaks may especially be problematic as the parents plan vacations for their children. There are some steps that parents can take to try to minimize disputes so that they and their children can enjoy their vacations.

Stopping child support payments

Many Minnesota parents depend on child support payments from a former spouse or partner. In some cases, however, a custodial parent may opt to stop these payments. There are several reasons a parent may choose to turn down financial support, but they are usually due to a change in circumstances for one or both parties.

Minnesota parents who owe child support

The Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act is a federal law that punishes parents who move to another state with the purpose of willfully failing to make child support payments. As a federal law, the act applies to residents of all states, and a DPPA action can be brought in any federal court in any state.

When men are more likely to acknowledge paternity

Minnesota parents may be interested to learn that, according to a study, men are more likely to readily acknowledge that they are the father of a child born out of wedlock if the mother and child meet certain conditions. For example, if the woman is more affluent or educated and if the child is a boy, the men involved may be more likely to acknowledge that they are legally the father.

About child custody and fathers' rights

Biological parents in Minnesota are entitled to obtain child custody or visitation even if they weren't married when the child was born. In making a determination about child custody issues, the family court will always consider what is in the best interest of the child. Unless the court is presented evidence to the contrary, there is a presumption that the participation of both parents in a child's life is most beneficial to the child.

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