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Alternative dispute resolution and child custody

Informal negotiations, mediation, collaborative divorce and arbitration are all among the options available for a Minnesota couple who are divorcing and who have young children. Parents may be able to save time and money as well as retain more control over the final outcome if they use one of these methods instead of going to litigation. These approaches are also less adversarial.

How parents can agree on house rules after divorce

Minnesota parents who are ending their marriage will need to work out consistent household rules for their children. This can be important for children whose lives have been disrupted by the divorce. House rules should not become a battleground for parents who are trying to attack one another. There may be some rules that a parent is unwilling to compromise on, but knowing those ahead of time as well as where there might be flexibility can help when parents sit down to negotiate. They may also want to consider having older children participate in the conversation as well.

Shared parenting can help moms, dads and kids

Divorcing Minnesota parents and their children could all potentially benefit from a child custody model that expects both parents to maintain a full role in their children's lives following divorce. Shared parenting, a popular model for child custody around the world, can help more women to avoid poverty and remain active in the workforce while promoting closer relationships between fathers and children.

Tips for dealing with a toxic co-parent

When a Minnesota parent of young children has just ended a marriage with a toxic partner, having to continue to deal with the ex can be difficult. However, there are certain things that parents who have to deal with a toxic co-parent can do to make the situation less stressful.

Modern fathers have an expanding parental role

Becoming a father represents a significant stage of life for men in Minnesota and around the country. Survey responses collected by the Pew Research Center in 2015 revealed that 57 percent of fathers consider their parental roles to be crucial to their identities, and 54 percent found fatherhood to be continually rewarding.

Child custody concerns loom large for immigrants

A number of undocumented immigrant families, fearing the impact of intensified deportation policies, have begun seeking advice to make custody plans for their citizen children. Across the Minnesota and the United States, law students and other volunteers have been assisting immigrants with creating paperwork to designate custody arrangements for their children in case of deportation.

Shared custody can benefit children's health

Shared parenting is increasingly preferred by both divorcing parents and courts in Minnesota and across the United States. While a preconception has existed for many years that mothers should receive custody of their children, the current ideal model involves both parents sharing equally in custody and decision-making for their children.

An alternative approach to joint custody

In the past, when Minnesota parents got a divorce, a judge might have awarded custody to the mother while the father might have had the children on certain weekends. This was often the pattern in child custody cases, but in more recent years, there has been a shift toward joint custody. Studies show that children usually thrive when having access to both parents. However, moving back and forth between households can be stressful for children. One possible solution is an arrangement called nesting.

Dealing with substance abuse during custody disputes

Minnesota parents who are no longer with their former partner due to the ex's drug or alcohol abuse may worry about their child's well-being, especially if that person has some visitation rights. Because the court will take substance abuse into consideration, these types of allegations can make a custody dispute more complex.

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