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Gov. Dayton pledges to sign Minnesota medical marijuana law

Minnesota lawmakers recently announced a deal that will allow state residents to obtain a prescription for marijuana. Medical marijuana is currently legal in a total of 21 states and in the District of Columbia. In Minnesota, the fight to legalize medical marijuana has been a long one which ignited great debate amongst citizens as well as individuals in law enforcement, politics and health care.

Minnesota law provides contributing citizens with true second chance

Making mistakes are an integral part of being a human being. It's through mistakes that people learn, grow and mature into responsible and contributing members of society. In fact, it's often by experiencing the consequences of a mistake that an individual makes the conscious decision to make positive changes in their life. These were just some of the arguments that were likely posed prior to Minnesota's Second Chance Expungement law being signed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Minnesota drug courts aim to help addicts recover and succeed

When an individual seeks medical care for painful symptoms, a doctor seeks to not only treat the adverse symptoms, but also determine and treat any underlying health conditions that may be ultimately contributing to such symptoms. This approach makes sense and failure to address a health problem in this manner would likely result in a lawsuit. However, society often takes a very different approach when it comes to the adverse side effects that may result when an individual suffers from an alcohol or drug addiction.

Laws surrounding synthetic drugs continue to confuse many

When Minnesota lawmakers head back to the capital later this month, they will be met with a bill calling for tougher laws and penalties surrounding the manufacturing and selling of so-called synthetic drugs. Many Minneapolis residents have likely heard about some of the more popular forms of synthetic drugs which are often marketed to consumers under names such as K2, Spice and Bath Salts.

Another Minnesotan charged with murder in overdose death

Last week, we discussed how Minnesota law enforcement is cracking down on drug suppliers in fatal overdose cases. Since then, another Minnesotan has been charged with third-degree murder in connection to a methadone overdose that killed her husband in March 2013.

North Mankato man wants cash, guns returned from home search

When authorities are orchestrating a drug bust, it is not uncommon for police to confiscate anything they believe is tied to the crime. However, if the owner believes such items were not confiscated legally by police, the owner has the right to file a lawsuit. Even in cases where the owner is accused of a crime and facing charges, he or she still has rights when it comes to search and seizures.

Minneapolis dealer convicted for murder in heroin overdose case

Prosecutors in Minnesota are really cracking down on those who use and deal heroin. The idea is to punish those in charge of supplying the highly addictive drug that is leading to overdose deaths throughout the state.

Burnsville business owner pleads guilty to federal meth charge

Drug charges related to the sale or production of methamphetamine in Minnesota are taken very seriously. Quite often, these types of charges can result in serious consequences, including time in prison. 

Minnesota man gets life in prison for methamphetamine charge

Charges related to drug crimes in Minnesota should not be taken lightly. Not only could these result in having a permanent criminal record, but depending on the severity of the accusation, it could result in prison time. 


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