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Back-to-school advice for divorcees

In the coming weeks, Minneapolis children of all ages will head back to the classroom to start another school year. For those children whose parents are newly divorced or currently going through a divorce; changes in routines, living arrangements and finances may present challenges come school time.

Helping a child of divorce cope and thrive

Individuals going through a divorce often experience a wide range of emotions and feelings, many of which can be difficult. When a divorcing couple has shared children, each parent must not only attempt to cope and make sense of their own pain, but also that of a shared child. Although it can be challenging to set one's own personal feelings aside, while coping with divorce and all the changes it brings, a child needs the love and support of both parents.

Disputes between co-parents common during summer months

After a long nine months of school, homework and hectic schedules; many school-age children look forward to the freedom and fun the summer months afford. For working parents, however, it can be challenging to keep a child stimulated, busy and out of trouble during the summer; leading many to rely more upon a co-parent to also provide a child with supervision and entertainment. As children shuttle back and forth between parents, disputes may erupt.

Divorced dads get support from women's groups

Divorced fathers who want equal time with their children will be getting a boost of social support from a child custody advocacy group that is composed of women. The efforts, which are sweeping through Canada and the United States, are part of a comprehensive movement to improve custody equality for all parents.

Woman facing charges for taking son

A Midwestern woman who had fled to Tennessee in January is being held on a $25,000 bond after reportedly making off with her 3-year-old son. The child custody dispute is occurring in Minnesota's neighboring state of Wisconsin, according to authorities, and the woman is currently being held in the Outagamie County jail.


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