Parenting Consulting Services In Minnesota

Several psychologists who work with the Minnesota family court system put together the role of a parenting consultant to help ease the transition from one home to two and to help parents work together to construct a plan that will work well for them and for their children.

Consultants Are Both Mediators And Arbitrators

The two roles of a parenting consultant are to be a mediator to develop a parenting plan and to be an arbitrator when disputes cannot be resolved. The parenting consultant works with parents to create their parenting plan and helps them understand each other’s perspective and the perspective of their children as they go through this difficult time.

You know what is best for your children. Our goal is to help you make that happen. Contact us to schedule a consultation in our Minneapolis office.

Helping Parents Create Parenting Plans

When you are figuring out your parenting agreement, working with one of our lawyers can be to your advantage in many ways. Founding attorney Christa Groshek is:

  • A consultant who knows the law and knows what the courts are likely to accept
  • A trained mediator who will help you work through disputes
  • An adviser who can help you figure out how all of you will adjust to the new arrangement and allow you, as parents, to work with your children to help them adjust

Our goal is to assist you in a smooth transition with family law and divorce issues involving:

  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Support
  • Other rights and responsibilities

Our parenting consultant relationship can be as long or as short as you need it to be, and we are here to help resolve conflict further down the road. Our holistic approach to the law allows us to hear your full story and help you both learn how to work together from here.

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