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Protect The Future Of Your Assets – We Can Help You Draft Your Will

Many people do not regularly think about the future of their properties and assets. But establishing a plan for them — even early on in life — can be a great help for your loved ones. A caring estate planning attorney can help protect your family’s future by assisting you in the drafting of a will that divides your assets as you see fit.

Groshek Law PA, our Minneapolis-based firm, provides an array of legal services to Twin Cities-area residents. We understand the need for having an attentive lawyer as you establish a plan and draft vital documents. Our attorneys work closely with you to ensure the protection of your best interests.

A Detailed Will Can Save Your Family The Stress Of Probate

While there are different types of wills, simply put, a will is a document that dictates the distribution of your property after death. Your will can include the following and more:

  • Names of beneficiaries and alternate beneficiaries
  • Directions for personal and business assets
  • Directions for payment of debts and expenses
  • Real estate instructions
  • Caretakers for pets

If you do not plan for your estate, then the courts will decide how it is divided. This will make for a drawn-out probate process which will add stress to your family’s life. Our team can assist you at every step of your planning process to ensure an efficient and effective administration of your property.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

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