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Your Estate Planning Needs Are Our Primary Concern

The entire process from the beginning of an estate plan through the plan’s administration can have its complications. Many people do not realize how much their wills should include, or how complex the probate process can be, until they are face-to-face with these matters.

At Groshek Law PA, we provide Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities area residents with estate planning and administration. Our lawyers can address concerns regarding wills, trusts, probate, health care directives and other related needs. We work alongside our clients and tailor our legal services to meet their needs.

Wills And Probate Can Be Complex – But They Do Not Have To Be

There are several ways you can divide your assets as you make your estate plan. You can divide them out through trusts—such as a revocable living trust which can help your loved ones avoid the stress of probate court. You can also establish charitable trusts. Ultimately, drafting a good, thorough will can save your family from future headaches.

Our services also extend to the administration and probate process. You are likely already going through a tough time following their loss. Ensuring that a loved one’s assets are distributed fairly can add unnecessary weight. We will fight for your best interests and the interests of the decedent.

Connect With Our Lawyers For A Consultation

Estate planning and the administration of property can be simple with the help of an informed attorney. Reach out to our office for help today. Call 612-426-7047 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.


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