Facing An Ecstasy Possession Charge?

As perhaps the most popular club drug in the Twin Cities, Ecstasy – also known as “X,” “XTC,” “Thizz” and other names – is a designer drug most often associated with dance clubs, raves and other forms of entertainment. However, the same as methamphetamine, being caught possessing, distributing or manufacturing Ecstasy likewise carries severe penalties under state and federal laws.

At the Minneapolis, Minnesota, law firm of GROSHEK LAW PA, we take a holistic approach to drug possession defense. Our attorneys defend clients throughout the Twin Cities against drug charges and also assist them in obtaining any needed counseling or treatment they need to deal with drug addiction issues.

Providing A Strong Defense Against Ecstasy Drug Crime Charges

We have proven trial experience in defending those caught possessing or using Ecstasy and other drugs. We have often obtained favorable results by challenging unauthorized searches and suppressing evidence obtained through illegal searches and seizures.

We will also explore all of the alternative sentencing options that are available for clients, which may involve diversion programs throughout the Twin Cities. We fight on behalf of clients to obtain the best possible outcome and to limit the exposure to harsh penalties that will come with a drug crime conviction.

Even simple possession of Ecstasy has serious consequences for both your immediate situation and your future. Do not wait to contact a lawyer at GROSHEK LAW PA to discuss your rights and legal options. Call us at 612-426-7047 or connect with us online.

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