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Why divorce is on the minds of many this January

It's January and with the 2014 holiday season behind us, many Minneapolis area residents are looking forward to making good on their 2015 resolutions. For some married individuals, the holidays were not filled with the love, joy and happiness that many experience and instead served to confirm that big changes are necessary this year.

January 2 is known around the country as divorce day as the number of unhappily wed individuals who take a step towards ending a marriage surges. Not only do divorce attorneys report an increase in client contacts during the month of January, but Internet researchers also point to an increase in searches for divorce-related topics.

A recent study indicates that thoughts of divorce are especially prevalent among married parents with roughly 25 percent contemplating divorce at some point. Another survey of married couples found that relationship problems among married couples are common with six in 10 experiencing marital strife. For many married individuals, these statistics are likely not that surprising.

Even under ideal and stress-free conditions, a relationship between spouses can be difficult to maintain. Add in concerns and conflicts related to finances, children and careers and it's a wonder the divorce rate isn't higher. For individuals who, with the start of this New Year, are resolved to make positive changes in their lives and end an unhappy marriage; there is hope.

While the divorce process can be challenging, those who plan to embark on the journey should take comfort in knowing that things can and will get better. Divorcing parents especially often toil over the decision of whether or not to end a marriage. In most cases, however, divorce is often the best solution for everyone in the family and can actually serve to bring parents and children closer.

Source: WFTS-TV, "Thousands untie the knot for Divorce Day," Christie Post, Jan. 2, 2014

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