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How to handle car insurance after divorce

Minnesota couples who are getting a divorce may need to split up their car insurance as well. Usually, this involves one person having to purchase a new policy. That person will also need to be removed from the old policy, but this should not be done until the new policy is in place.

What to know about controlled substances

Prior to 1970, there were more than 200 federal drug laws designed to keep Minnesota residents and other Americans safe. In 1970, President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act, which combined all of those laws into one statute. The CSA divides all controlled substances into five different classes depending on their likelihood of being abused.

DNA testing can make a clear case for child support

For parents dealing with child support disputes in Minnesota, one key tool that could help to lead to a resolution could be a DNA paternity test. These tests have an accuracy level of over 99.99 percent, and they can conclusively establish paternity of the child in question.

Federal benefits require specific handling during divorce

Federal employees and retirees who initiate a divorce in Minnesota must give their Thrift Savings Plan retirement accounts special consideration during the property division process. No federal laws govern the division of the account balance during a marital split, but the legal documentation must meet certain criteria before a plan administrator disperses funds in a divorce settlement.

Divorce mediation may not always be appropriate

Some Minnesota couples whose marriages are coming to an end consider mediation as a means of reaching an agreement on property division and other matters as an alternative to litigation. But mediation does not always work, and for some couples there could be signs that mediation is not something they should even attempt.

Why lifer juveniles are being resentenced

Minnesotans may have heard that people whose crimes were committed when they were minors and who were subsequently tried as adults and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole are receiving resentencing hearings. Some of these juvenile lifers are being given sentences carrying the possibility of parole. The reasons for these resentencing hearings is a change in the understanding of the brain development of young people along with a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Emotional abuse as a part of domestic violence

There are people in Minnesota whose spouses employ such subtle abuse tactics that neither party may be aware, exactly, of what is happening. Spousal emotional abuse often manifests in the victim a feeling that something is wrong along with an inability to pinpoint what that somethings is. The victim may experience feelings of stress, anxiety or depression. Although emotional abuse and physical abuse are quite different, they are also similar in some respects. The victim is made fearful and forced to alter behaviors so his or her partner can be happy.

Calculating the value of a business in a divorce

When a Minnesota couple is getting a divorce and one or both of them owns a business, that asset will usually be divided along with other shared marital property. The couple will need to decide whether to have a skilled valuation analyst do a calculation of value or a full valuation.

The divorce process

Minnesota couples are most likely to get divorced after the summer season. Divorces are also more likely after other holidays such as Christmas. Those who study the issue say that men tend to view the process in a sterile and efficient manner while women tend to take more time to process their emotions.

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