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Studies show advantages of joint custody

Some Minnesota parents might be considering joint custody when their marriage comes to an end. Studies have shown that this may be the most beneficial arrangement for children, and this is the case even if there is a great deal of conflict between the parents or if one parent is initially opposed to sharing custody. This was one of the findings of a psychology professor who also examined claims that the supposed effectiveness of shared custody is linked to income. She found no correlation between the income of parents and positive outcomes from joint custody.

Arguments over politics linked to relationship breakups

Most pundits agree that the political divide in Minnesota and around the country has grown wider since Donald Trump won the presidency in November, and hopes that the country would come together and heal itself after a contentious election campaign have largely been dashed. While most of the nation's media outlets are focusing on how partisan bickering is affecting the economy and America's place on the world stage, a Virginia-based research and polling company decided to look into how the current divisive political climate is impacting relationships.

What to do after a divorce is finalized

For many Minnesota couples, going through the divorce process can be very difficult. However, some may have trouble finding their own identity once the divorce papers have been signed. Although it can be difficult for some to start moving in a new direction after the end of a marriage, there are steps they can take in that regard.

The facts about divorce after 50

Minnesota residents might have heard about the rising rate of divorce for people over 50. This may become a point of worry for people within this age bracket; however, there are some nuances to consider with these divorce figures.

The role of the state in child support payments

Minnesota parents who are divorced may have a formal child support agreement in place. This means the state will be in charge of disbursing child support payments as well as enforcing payment. If the parent receiving child support also gets welfare in the form of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the government may be reimbursed using the child support amount, or the amount might be passed to the family.

Resources used by state agencies to find non-custodial parents

Child custody matters can be complex no matter which state a family resides in, even when both parents are involved in the child's life. Some custodial parents in Minnesota and across the U.S., however, may be faced with the task of locating the non-custodial parent for the purpose of collecting child support. In these cases, parents may need to utilize outside resources, such as a state child support enforcement agency, to track down the non-custodial parent.

Dealing with substance abuse during custody disputes

Minnesota parents who are no longer with their former partner due to the ex's drug or alcohol abuse may worry about their child's well-being, especially if that person has some visitation rights. Because the court will take substance abuse into consideration, these types of allegations can make a custody dispute more complex.

How to handle planned vacations to minimize disputes

Minnesota parents who share children but who do not live with each other often have custody and parenting time issues that arise. Spring and summer breaks may especially be problematic as the parents plan vacations for their children. There are some steps that parents can take to try to minimize disputes so that they and their children can enjoy their vacations.

Man taken into custody after argument

A man was charged with felony drug possession after two meth pipes were found among his possessions while being processed at a Minnesota jail. The case began when police were called to Profinium Bank in Fairmont. While there, they talked to a woman who had gotten into an argument with the 25-year-old over money. The woman claimed that the man tried to block her from leaving with his vehicle, but that he left after she threatened to call police.

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