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Making changes to a custody order

When Minnesota parents go through a divorce, they often finalize a custody agreement that determine who the child will live with, when the child will spend time with the other parent and how the child will be raised. There are many parents who are able to make a child custody agreement work for them even as the child grows older and the parents' situations change. However, there may come a time when the child custody order that is in place no longer works.

What to expect if you are charged with mail fraud or wire fraud

Modern technology provides us more opportunities to connect, do business, and communicate than ever before. Two crimes that involve the way we communicate and conduct business online are mail fraud and wire fraud.

When men are more likely to acknowledge paternity

Minnesota parents may be interested to learn that, according to a study, men are more likely to readily acknowledge that they are the father of a child born out of wedlock if the mother and child meet certain conditions. For example, if the woman is more affluent or educated and if the child is a boy, the men involved may be more likely to acknowledge that they are legally the father.

Prenups and trusts protect business assets in divorce

Just like any other marital assets, business interests are often subject to division in a divorce. A Minnesota couple that overlooks this possibility could endanger the company that they own if they end their marriage. The business might not have enough cash on hand to buy out one of the parties, which could force its sale. Planning for this possibility could eliminate such pressures and ensure assets stay in family hands.

What to do with frozen embryos in a divorce

Minnesota couples who are divorcing and who have gone through in vitro fertilization might not have considered what they will do with any frozen embryos. Typically, people who go through the procedure sign a contract that briefly addresses this issue and gives them the choice to keep or donate the embryos or have them destroyed. However, the contract might not be legally binding, and individuals might change their minds about what they want to happen to the embryos during a divorce.

Obama's child support rule for incarcerated parents in effect

Minnesota residents who are facing child support debt after being incarcerated may be interested to learn that one of Barack Obama's regulations that were instated in his final month took effect on Jan. 19. This regulation, which called on states to create realistic child support amounts for those who are behind bars, was not delayed for review under the Trump administration.

What to do with the house in a divorce

When a Minnesota couple goes through a divorce, one of the most difficult decisions that they often must make is what to do with their home. Divorcing homeowners usually have a few options in this regard, but some may not always be feasible. They may choose to sell their home and split the profits, buy their ex-spouse out, be bought out by their ex-spouse or retain joint ownership of the home.

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