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Cuba Gooding Jr. files for divorce from high school sweetheart

Minnesota residents who are fans of actor Cuba Gooding Jr. may be interested to learn that the actor recently filed for divorce. Gooding Jr. had been married to his wife, whom he met while in high school, since 1994. The former couple has three children together -- two sons and one daughter.

Former President Obama commutes 330 inmates' sentences

Minnesota residents may be interested to learn that, on Jan. 19, then-president Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 330 federal inmates who had been convicted on various drug crimes. In total, he commuted the sentences of 1,715 inmates during his presidency.

About child custody and fathers' rights

Biological parents in Minnesota are entitled to obtain child custody or visitation even if they weren't married when the child was born. In making a determination about child custody issues, the family court will always consider what is in the best interest of the child. Unless the court is presented evidence to the contrary, there is a presumption that the participation of both parents in a child's life is most beneficial to the child.

Important issues to address in a co-parenting plan

Divorcing parents in Minnesota often split custody of their children and engage in co-parenting. Experts urge parents to establish a "new normal" during the transition to two households as soon as possible. Writing a co-parenting plan may help former spouses set up the necessary rules and schedules. Although the plan can address almost any aspect of family life, the terms should specifically map out basics like visitation schedules, rules, discipline, schooling and medical decision-making authority.

When child custody exchanges become dangerous

For Minnesota parents going through a divorce, determining where their children will live and the way in which they will spend their time can be very difficult. Most parents want to spend holidays and special occasions with their children, but coming to an arrangement is necessary for both parties to be able to maintain strong bonds. However, even if the parents can be amicable, tempers often rise during the actual exchange, potentially leading to serious consequences.

Timing a divorce

Minnesota couples may find that their marital problems have become insurmountable. At that point, they may decide that it is best to divorce. One thing that they should be aware of, however, is that timing can be an important factor in whether a divorce is amicable or contentious. In many cases, both parties benefit when a divorce is amicable, particularly if there are children involved.

$4 million net worth to be split by "Flip or Flop" stars

While many Minnesota viewers have watched Christina and Tarek El Moussa rebuild homes on their reality television show "Flip or Flop", the couple's marriage has fallen into disrepair. With divorce on the horizon, their assets that total approximately $4 million will need to be divided.

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